I have bipolar disorder, but it doesn't have me

December 28, 2017

I need to get my body moving to the music

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It is cold outside! And I don’t even live in the coldest areas of the country (USA). A few days ago my hubby and I attempted to take a walk in my favorite place (a beautiful meadow walking path) and I suggested we take the shorter path. He readily agreed.

I’ve put on some weight over the last year. I guess it’s reached it’s height this holiday season. I didn’t do myself any favors this morning by eating two large slices of pannetone. My psychiatrist is also always encouraging me to exercise, but I pretty much refuse, other than the limited exercise I get from running errands. That is actually not at all like the “old me”. I used to be a serious dancer as a teen, and then continued dancing at home on my own to music pretty much daily for almost two decades afterwards. I remember living abroad and walking miles most days without hesitation. Unfortunately, in recent years I’ve become so sedentary. I have to change that!

Changing my sedentary ways will be a “step forward” for me. It’s not exactly an easy one. Not just because of sedation from medication, or lack of endurance from years of little exercise, but because something happened to me about seven years ago that made me quit listening to music as much as I used to. I used to LOVE music, but I developed musical hallucinations, and they were disturbing. Though I do still occasionally go to classical concerts with my husband, I rarely play music on my own. Sometimes I try to play it in my car, but I turn it off soon after. I need to develop my love for it again. And then, I will dance, and hopefully dance on forever.